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 How do I call in sick?

If you are sick or otherwise unable to work your scheduled shift, you must call the Circulation Desk at (416) 675-5079 and speak to a full-time staff member.

You may be asked to try to find another work study staff member to cover your shift.

You should call in at least 3 hours before your shift starts whenever possible. If you have a 9am shift, you can call in at 7:30 when the Library opens.

If you are ill on a weekend or, the night before an opening Saturday or Sunday shift, contact the on call full-timer for that weekend the night before or, arrange for another work study staff member to take your shift.

If you do not call in and do not show up for shifts, your contract can be terminated at the Office Manager's discretion.

 What do I do if I am going to be late for work?

If you are going to be late to work, you must call the Circulation Desk and speak to a full-time staff member to let them know that you are running late. You will not be paid for the time that you missed. If you are routinely late, the Office Manager can terminate your contract.

 How long is my break?

Typically breaks will not be scheduled by your team leader.

Each person is responsible for finding coverage from another circulation team member when they want to take their break.

If you forget to take a break, you will not be compensated with pay or time off.

Breaks should be taken before 7pm Monday to Thursday and before 4:30pm on Friday.

Occasionally, your team leader will schedule a break for you if it is required for operations. This break will be scheduled in Libstaffer or otherwise communicated by your team leader at the beginning of your shift. You are responsible for ensuring that you take your break at this time.

Break Entitlement

  • If the length of your shift is 5 hours or less, you are entitled to a 10 minute paid break.
  • If the length of your shift is 5.5 hours or more, you are required to take a 30 minute unpaid break within the first 5 hours of your shift. 

For more information, you can read about eating periods on the Ontario Ministry of Labour website here.

 Do I still come to work if the college is closed?

If a closure occurs before your shift begins, you do not need to call in or come to work. If your shift starts before the closure occurs, you are responsible for calling the Circulation Desk to see if you need to work all or part of your shift. For example, if you work from 5pm until 10:15pm and a 6pm closure is announced at 4pm, you should call in to see if you are needed for the hour.

You can check for closures by:

 What should I know about my employee card?

How do I get an employee card?

Once Human Resources has finished processing your contract, you will be asked to go to the Support Centre (NX210) to have your photo taken for your employee card. You will need to bring photo ID to receive your card. Once you have your card, notify your team leader immediately to have your card authorized to access Library offices.

Why do I need an employee card?

Your employee card will provide you access to Library offices and the lunch room during open hours and access to the elevator when the Library is closed. You are required to have a card to open and close the Library.

What do I do if I lose my card?

In a lockdown situation, your employee card will still grant access to Library offices. For this reason, if you misplace your card, it is essential that you report your card lost immediately. This will prevent any person posing a threat to safety from accessing rooms using your card. Report your lost card to so that she can have access to Library offices disabled.

For safety and security reasons, make sure that you are always aware of where your card is in open areas. For example, do not leave it on a service desk if you need to fix a printer issue.

What benefits do I receive with my employee card?

Your employee card is strictly for access to the Library. Your employee card does not grant you any additional access to facilities or services outside of the Library. If you are caught attempting to enter another office or attend an event that is not intended for students by using your card, it could result in termination.

Can I use my employee card to enter the Library after hours?

You may use your employee card to enter the Library during closed hours if you are scheduled to work an opening or closing shift that same day. If you arrive to work early or are waiting for your ride after work, you can be in the Library 30 minutes before or after your shift. You may not come into the Library when it is closed to use computers or other resources. You may not grant access to any person who does not work in the Library when the Library is not open unless you have been granted permission.

 Is there a place to eat lunch and keep my belongings?

The Library has a lunchroom that is available to Library, Learning Commons, Math & Writing Centre and PALS staff. Work study staff from all areas are welcome to share this space provided they follow the guidelines below:

  • You can take your breaks, eat your lunch and make use of the fridge, microwave and other equipment during your scheduled shifts
  • You cannot store food in the fridge for an extended period of time
  • You will be expected to clean any equipment if you spill or make a mess
  • You may have lunch with your co-workers
  • Friends and classmates are not welcome in the lunchroom since it is not a dedicated Library space

There are also lockers in this space that you can use to store your belongings while you work. At the end of your shift, you are expected to take all of your belongings with you and leave the key. There are not enough lockers to provide each staff member with individual lockers. They are all shared.

 How do I enter the hours that I have worked?

At the beginning or end of your shift, you are required to enter the hours worked for the day into the Humber College Time Management website. Your team leader will provide you with your login credentials once they are available. Hours will be approved by your team leader every week. The hours you enter on the Time Management website will be compared to your shifts in Libstaffer. If entries do not match, those hours will not be approved until your team leader has a chance to discuss the discrepancy with you. If you have worked 2 shifts in a day, add the total time worked as one entry on the Time Management website. If you work more than one job on campus, make sure that you are submitting hours for the correct time code. 

If you forget to enter your hours, your team leader will email you a reminder and specify when the hours need to be updated for the current payroll period. If your hours are still not accurate on the Time Management website before the payroll due date, your hours will not be reflected until the next pay cheque.

 When is pay day?

You will be paid biweekly on Fridays. See a calendar of pay days in the Circulation Planner at the Circulation Desk. The payroll period is illustrated below. The yellow dates are the payroll period for the pay day on January 29.

 How do I access my pay stubs?

Humber is replacing the paper pay statement with an online version starting May 12, 2016.  For more information on accessing your online pay stub, click here. Additional information is also available in this email communication sent to all college staff on September 1, 2016. Pay Stubs Online

 How do I get my T4 tax form?

Your T4 (Statement of Remuneration Paid) tax form will be mailed to your home address by Human Resources. When tax season approaches, there will be instruction on the Time Management website to help you ensure that your current mailing address is updated. To notify Human Resources with a change of address on your employment record, email

Note: Updating your address in MyHumber or WebAdvisor only updates your student account information. To receive your T4, you need to update your employment record with HR.

 Can I have a reference for future employers?

If you would like a reference from your manager you must make a request via email. Only an administrator can provide references. Your contact is the Office Manager below.

Janet Lising
Office Manager
Humber Libraries
(416) 675-6622 (Ext 5059)  

 How do I get a Record of Employment (ROE)?

A record of employment needs to be requested by the employee. Contact Human Resources at or by calling (416) 675-6622 ext 4393.

 I have questions about the schedule.


You are required to provide your team leader with a list of times that you are able to work, upon request. If your availability changes, you are required to let your team leader know before a schedule is created unless discussed beforehand. If you are unable to work already scheduled shifts due to a change in availability, you are responsible for trying to have your shift covered by another work study staff member. If you cannot find somebody to cover your shift, you should speak to your team leader for assistance.

All staff are required to provide availability for a minimum of two closing shifts per week.

Your team leader will take your requested scheduling preferences into consideration when creating a schedule however, not all requests will be accommodated. Business needs must take top priority when scheduling.


Fall and Winter

Under the Work Study Program you are eligible to work no more than 24 hours on campus per week.

Typically, the library can only offer work study employees an average of 15 regularly scheduled hours per week. You are able to go over your regularly scheduled hours if you pick up a shift that another employee needs covered. You may also work in another department but you are responsible for making sure that you do not exceed 24 hours combined in a week.


In the summer, work study employees will work 35 hours per week and are expected to work evenings until 7:30pm and Saturdays. To be eligible, you must not be taking classes in the summer semester and must be returning to school in the Fall semester.

Requesting Time Off

If you need time off, you must request time off in Libstaffer before a schedule has been published for the week that you are requesting.

If you are already scheduled to work during the time you are requesting off, you are responsible for trying to have your shift covered by another work study staff member. If you cannot find somebody to cover your shift, you should speak to your team leader for assistance.

 What is Libstaffer?

Libstaffer is a web-based scheduling tool. Libstaffer helps you manage your own schedule by providing the ability to give up or swap shifts with other employees. It also helps you communicate your availability to your team leader by providing a request time off option.

Libstaffer can be accessed at on any web browser.

 How do I get a Libstaffer account?

When you are hired, your team leader will create an account for you. Once your account is created, you will receive two emails from LibApps.

LibApps - Welcome to LibApps - This message allows you to set your password to log into LibApps.

LibApps - Welcome to LibStaffer at Humber College - This message provides you a link to the Humber Libraries schedules in Libstaffer.

 How do I create a password for Libstaffer?

In the Welcome to LibApps email, you will see the information shown below. Click on the "Set Password Now" link.

The link will open your web browser. In the browser, enter a password of your choice into the fields shown below.

Once you have created your password, you will be redirected to the LibApps dashboard shown below. You can now begin using your Libstaffer account.

*Click images to see full-sized.

 What are the rules for swapping shifts and requesting time off in Libstaffer?

Giving Up Shifts

  • Giving up shifts is not a way to call in sick
  • Shifts must be given up at least 48 hours before your scheduled shift starts
  • If your shift is not picked up by another staff member you are still responsible for working your shift
  • If you are still unable to work this shift, you must speak to your team leader to make other arrangements

Picking up Shifts

  • You can pick up as many shifts as you want
  • You may not work more than 9.5 hours in a day
  • You may not work more than 24 hours in a week
  • You may work split shifts (work in the morning and then come back later to close)

Requesting Time Off

  • You should request time off in Libstaffer if you are not able to work on a date that you typically have availability
  • Requests should be made before a schedule is created for that time period
  • If you are already scheduled for the date you would like off, you should try giving up or swapping a shift
 Does Libstaffer have a training guide?

There is a very thorough training guide available here.

It will show you how to manage your account, navigate Libstaffer, give up or swap shifts and request time off. If you have reviewed the policies listed above as well as the available training guides and you still have questions, ask your team leader for assistance.

 How does the Work Study program work?

For information about the Work Study Program please visit

Snapshot of eligibility criteria:

  • If you are a full-time student during the Fall/Winter terms, you may only work part-time (maximum of 24 hours per week)
  • You must be in satisfactory academic standing
  • You must be a full-time Humber student (minimum 60% course load, some students with disabilities are considered full-time at a 40% course load)
  • You need a Social Insurance Number
 What are the workplace expectations?

At the beginning of each semester you will be asked to review the Work Expectations for Student Employees document with your manager or another a full-time staff member. You will then be asked to sign a paper copy of the expectations to certify that all expectations have been explained to you, that you have had an opportunity to ask questions and have a reasonable understanding of what will be expected of you when working in the Library. A copy will be kept in your employee file and a copy will be given to you for your reference.

 Can I get a record of this work experience?

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) allows Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber students to search for and record experiences they have participated in outside of the classroom that provide employability skills as a result. This can include on-campus jobs, volunteer positions, workshops, conference, events and more!

Please log-in here to explore experiences, add experiences to your CCR, or print your record!

For questions about the CCR, email

Additional information:

 What services are available to me on campus?
 Good 2 Talk

Good2Talk is a free, confidential and anonymous helpline providing professional counselling and information and referrals for mental health, addictions and well-being to post-secondary students in Ontario, 24/7/365. Good2Talk serves students at Ontario’s publicly-funded colleges and universities, with a primary focus on those aged 17 to 25. Students can call Good2Talk for support on a wide range of issues.

Phone: 1-866-925-5454

 Ignite Health and Wellness Services

Visit for information about the Flexible Health & Dental Insurance Plan, Student Lifeline and the Sleep Lounge. 

 Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre

The Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre (SWAC) supports student wellness and accessibility in order to promote academic success at Humber College.  The provision of health, counselling and accessible learning services in one centre enables seamless, holistic support for students where/if necessary. We strive to promote an environment that is wellness-enhancing, inclusive, and welcoming for students.  SWAC facilitates individual student support in addition to wellness and equity-based programming.

Health Services - The Humber Health Services is a confidential, non-judgmental service working to promote student success by providing care in all areas of personal health and wellness.

Counselling Services - Everyone, at some point in their life, encounters difficulties. This can create distress and interfere with one's well being and success. Counselling Services can assist students to work through and resolve these difficulties.

Accessible Learning Services - The Accessible Learning Services facilitates equal access for eligible students with disabilities by co-ordinating reasonable academic accommodations and support services.

Fitness Centres - Humber’s Fitness Centre is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all students, employees and the community through physical fitness. We offer free fitness classes, Personal Trainers, Fitness Assessments, Nutrition Consultations and Incentive Programs.

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