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After meeting with Kevin MurphyJoanne Merigliano and Kevin Ross this morning, we made the following decisions about invoicing with Banner:

  • when adding book invoices to patron accounts, use the last 4 numbers of the barcode and the first 25 letters of the book title, excluding the, a, is, etc.
  • If two items on an account have the same last 4 numbers in a barcode, add numbers until each has a unique number. For example 0134106429487 and 0134106589487 would be truncated to 29487 and 89487.
  • LBS books will just use the title because patrons will only have one copy of that title on their account.
  • We will copy libcirc on emails to the generic email so that we have a searchable record of the invoicing spreadsheets for our records.

I will follow up by working with Joanne and Kevin Ross in the coming days to send in a spreadsheet with the updates to invoicing since May 20. I will also work on writing up a procedure manual.


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