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Please be advised that Information Technology Services will be shutting down the HumberPublic part of its WiFi network on July 31, 2015.

Anyone still using HumberPublic for WiFi service is kindly asked to reconfigure his or her device to use myWi-Fi@Humber before month’s end.

Note that myWi-Fi@Humber is faster and more secure.  And, unlike the HumberPublic network, myWi-Fi@Humber supports the latest technologies.   

Please visit on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to install the myWi-Fi@Humber security certificates.  It is quick and easy.

Note that you will need your Humber username and password to access the myWi-Fi@Humber network, so please have your credentials handy.

Once you join to the myWi-Fi@Humber network, your device will automatically connect to the Internet when the WiFi network is within range.

As always, should you require assistance, you can call our Support Centre at 416.675.6622 X8888 or speak to an Analyst at one of our service outlets.


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